Where has Don been over the past year?

This is the first installment of this page.  I like to call it a "living web page" since I will be updating it as I visit interesting places.  Check here often or at least once a month.

Since moving to Thailand on July 4th, 1999 I have traveled outside Thailand at least once a month, as well as many trips within in the country to places like Changmai in the northwest to Cha Am, Chumpon, Krabi and Phuket to the southwest--and of course Bangkok.

Along with travels to China, Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong,  I took pleasure trips to China, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore and various places in the US.

Here are a few photos from my travels that I hope you find interesting:

Guilin, China.  This area was completely underwater at one time.  The limestone mountains remain.  The villages are some of the oldest surviving in China, dating back to the Ming dynasty (1368-1644).   President Clinton visited this area during his visit to China in 1998.  I visited it in May 2000.  Here's why:


               Waterfalls on the Guilin River                                    Quaint passageway in the village 


                            Growing rice                                                                   Riverboat view


                     The beautiful young......                                                    and the wise mature

Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  The Nazi death camps in eastern Europe, Nagasaki War Museum in Japan, Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem, Bridge on the River Kwai Memorial, and my mother's cooking didn't quite prepare me for the horror of my visit to Cambodia.  How people can treat each other with such cruelty is a mystery to me.  Here is a sample of the beauty of the country, and the horror the Khmer Rouge inflected on the people of Cambodia:


                Buddha Temple                                                                  Royal Palace


                               Killing Fields                                                                     Killing Fields


              Mass graves at the Killing Fields                   Look close, the famous skull map of Toul Sling


                        Downtown Phnom Penh                                         "Mama", she had seen it all

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