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6th Edition

July 4th, 2002 will mark the three year anniversary of my move from Singapore to Thailand and the beginning of a long and healthy retirement (well sort of) while traveling the globe and enjoying life to the fullest.

My opinion so far?  Not a bad place to spend time, a good base for travels within the Asia/Pacific Region, a wide variety of golf (18 courses within a 45 minutes drive) and average to good SCUBA diving.  Thailand is a wonderful country with friendly people in an affordable and culturally rich society.

During the first year after moving from Singapore to Thailand as a Divemaster (trained in Singapore), I trained to become Open Water SCUBA Instructor within the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) system.

I completed my PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer Certification and in June of 2001 and completed the Instructor Development Course (IDC), Staff Instructor Course while co-conducting the first PADI IDC in Viet Nam in June.  I will focus my technical diving on ship wreck penetration techniques, reef ecology training, deep diving, Divemaster and Instructor activities.

I have been very actively involved underwater videography and photography and have invested quite a bit in equipment and training.  All of the underwater shots in these web pages are from my dives and cameras, as are all of the above water photos.

My plan, for the near future, is to spend some time here, a bit of time traveling throughout the region (mostly diving), a few months in New Zealand, and time in Reno and California visiting my son Josh, daughter Darcy, sister Michele and my wonderful and supportive friends.

I've organized this Web Site to give friends and family a sort of overview on where I live, what I've been up to and my future plans for travel.  If you're interested, just click on any of the red hyperlinks below.  Also, the local newspaper published an article about me this past August 24th.  Click here  Read all about it! to read the article.  I hope you enjoy the tour.


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