Where in the wide, wide world of sports is Don going next?

One of my goals since arriving in Thailand has been to use this as a base from which to travel throughout the region, experiencing the different cultures, meeting the people and touring the various  important and interesting sights.  I have been fortunate enough to have achieved my objective, and then some.  Please check out the "Where has Don Been" page for a few photos.

My schedule is now set for April through August 2002

I promised myself that I would play more golf this year and after spending all of January in Reno and California and much of March in New Zealand I am now going to make time for more golf with friends and hang in Thailand.

I began chartering live-aboard dive boats last year to the Similan Islands off the east coast of Thailand and south of Myanmar (Burma).  I invite accomplished diving friends and fellow instructors to join these trips.  The last trip was in late March 2002.  The next one is 27 November-1 December and Kevin and Katie Karp from Reno will be joining us along with other friends and fellow instructorsThis is one of the world's top ten dive areas.  Click on the flag for information on the Similans .

I'm also planning a new live-aboard charter trips to the islands on the west side of southern Thailand.  Koh Tao, Chumpon Pinnacles and the Koh Samui area will be included in these trips starting in June 2002.

Carmen and I are taking a trip to Sri Lanka (Ceylon) on 27 May for five days of touring and diving.  This is my first visit Sri Lanka.

I'll be updating this page as time goes on and travels are completed.  Please check here every so often for an update.

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